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I would like to welcome this new year with peace, prosperity and good health for all things sound and unseen throughout the universe and beyond. This year I wish to take a stand in the right direction by listening more to my intuition, mind, body and spirit. Right now it is guiding me to release unwanted energy, waste, and gain powerful will, clarity, and direction. The direction for me is a better out look, healthy self, and positive flow.

Through various trials, I found, I am most balanced when I am eating only fish as my meat, and eliminating red meats and poultry. It's many benefits suit my particular body's necessities. However, those of you that know me, understand I am a mother and had to go through pregnancy. During my pregnancy in my 3rd month, I had the sudden undying urge to bite in to a big mac, after not have eaten fast food or red meat for 5 years. Now, that was a big decision, because I grew up loving to tear up some well seasoned steak, but I also, was so convinced to stop eating beef after all the research I allowed my self to find. But nothing at that point, could stop me from creating an argument to get my big mac and, sink my teeth in the thousand islandy sweetness that makes my beef o.k. to eat. Since then, I have been eating beef not particularly big macs. And, you know what? My son is now 2 years old. So, to lift the energy of beef from my path, I decided it was time to go on my fast. It takes 2 weeks only. I love it and I got my husband into it when we were dating. It allows one to reach their center and feel the balance with in and applying discipline where needed. For me, slowing things down to a primal state of thinking in my eating habits gives me the source to do that with my personal instincts. Connecting me to a deeper level of my self through meditations and consciousness.

The grounds where your feet touch can let you bend down to pick out carrots for your enjoyment and grow a tree with fruits and nuts to munch on. Without any sense of it's use we bit into it. Our natural senses are very attracted to raw eating. We just don't know it. So this month I'm taking my way in to a pure, conscious, natural, primal way of eating with a modern twist. The modern twist is the use of appliances to cook with. Like the blender, juicer, chopper, etc. Stay glued through my 2 week journey going raw. Sharing tips, ideas, and recipes. And oh yeah! My son is joining us, he needs this too. Since 6 months ago, when he was introduced to candy and ice cream, it has been a challenge. So it's time to show him how to release all that build up, caused from processed sugars and too much dairy. And retrain our palates to enjoy natures goodies. I do this fast to get centered or help me clear out the bad eating I have exposed my body to. They say you feel as good as you eat. So I want to feel the best, why not eat natures best. Raw!

Reader Comments (1)

Good for you Suzie! Nothing feels better then taking a moment to put yourself and your body first. This is a great step! The Njapas, would love to come have a raw dinner with you one tonight to support the journey! Love you guys!

February 2, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterknjapa

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