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Kids Dream In Color Philippines

One of our affiliates, Raisa Perez from the Phillipines, brought Kids Dream In Color to her motherland! Raisa worked with us in our New York office for several months last year and developed a workshop for students at the Pinagtulayan Elementary School in Paombong, Bulacan.

In her own words: 


November 21, 2010 was a big day for the Kids Dream In Color team. After months of planning and consultations with the VONY team, my team and I have finally executed a workshop that we have been dreaming to create. 

The Problems In Dreaming

Planning Kids Dream In Color was never easy. From the start, I was having issues with the school that I was working with. Originally, I thought I could only accommodate a maximum of 10 participants because of budget constraints. But the week before the workshop, the number of participants doubled. This was the first hurdle that the I had to face. Managing an art workshop for 20 kids is no joke especially for the inexperienced. 

The sudden boom in participants urged me to further campaign to look for volunteers. I was very lucky to be able to find 13 more young students and volunteers to help out in  mentoring and facilitating the workshop.

Now that the problems on volunteers have been resolved but one thing stays unsettled, the budget. An art workshop requires a lot of materials which were quite expensive. Materials for the oil painting were particularly expensive and a little bit difficult to find. In addition to that, I had to provide for lunch and snacks to at least fifty people that included, the participants, the volunteers, teachers, and the parents who attended. 

Fortunately, I have parents who were very supportive and very willing to give me all the monetary resources that I needed. It was never difficult to ask for help from my parents. They explained that providing for the budget might be the only way they can help out in their community so might as well do it. All in all I spent a little more than P 6,000 ($135) for the workshop which were all spent very well.  

Oil Painting

After some visualization techniques I asked the participants to draw in paper the 2030 life that they saw during their breathing and visualization exercises. The children were provided with drawing papers and various drawing materials such as colored pens, crayons and oil pastels. Their drawings became their blueprints for the oil paintings that they were about to make. After 20 minutes of drawing, Rodneil Manahan (mentor) stepped in and proceeded to teach the kids with some guidelines for oil painting. After the brief introduction, the volunteers distributed individual oil canvases and palettes. Since 5 sets of oil paints and linseed oil (a type of oil commonly used to dilute oil paints) had to be shared by everyone, the volunteers had to give out paints and oil themselves as requested by the participants. Each kid had 3 types of paintbrushes each, one flat brush, one rounded tip, and one smaller brush for outlining.

A workshop such as Kids Dream In Color does not require a whole lot of technical lessons. What the kids need from the artists are only basic guidelines in painting. Youngsters aged 9 to 11 are already equipped with the right amount of knowledge necessary to proceed in painting without any difficulty. Kids at this age are already drawing, coloring or painting with significant ease. More than teaching painting, these kids need to be guided in the visualization process. The artists were able to teach the children how to envision an abstract matter, such as the future, which helped them envisage themes for their artworks. 

Clay making

After a quick lunch break, Joeanna took time to create some sample clay models of airplanes and buildings. These were the materials she used for her twenty-minute demonstration and introduction to clay making. The participants were very eager to start with this part of the workshop because it seemed that clay making for them was a “break period” or play time. 

As with the oil paintings, the theme of the clay making was to make a version of their future but this time it was three-dimensional. After twenty minutes of individually creating a clay version of their future, the participants were divided into 5 groups of four members each (one group had five members). They were later tasked to create their future community where every participant had to contribute something from their imagined future. 

Group Art

The group art of the children are supposed to make them realize that in order for their dreams to come true, they had to help each other and work together to strive for the ideal. This part of the workshop was facilitated by the two teaching artists and was mentored by myself and all of the volunteers. By this time, all the participants and the volunteers were up on their feet and were roaming around the room to trade for different colored clays. Everyone were very energetic as it was the last activity of the day and also because they only had twenty-five minutes left to work at their future community.

After the participants finished their group art, everyone went outside and displayed all of their 2030 clay community on the stage. When all the clay communities were put on display, everyone got their own paintings and the show and tell begun.


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Here is a video of the workshop

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