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"Creative Heights" VONY WORKSHOP in collaboration with Real Estate Arts



Judgement Day


2009 VONYSPEAK! Conference PSA


2010 VONYSPEAKS! Conference PSA



VONY moving strong, thanks to all

Peace and greetings to all VONY members and supporters,

I am happy to say that VONY is going strong and growing everyday. We are happy to have the network of parents, artists, educators and activists involved in the VONY mission, to empower youth and ignite community involvement to help communities socially progress. We have come a long way as a collective pushing this movement, and now, as a non-profit we hope to offer regular services and programs to communities. Hoping to enhance our level of awareness as a whole and unite people to "help each other, help the growing minds of today". ~VONY

Below you will find an updated version of our current and future projects coming soon. We are thankful for the consistent support from each and everyone of you, and a big thanks to the VONYteam that keeps the wheels turning. We look forward to seeing more of your kids in our programs/workshops and intermingling in near future events. All inquiries, please feel free contact us at the provided info below.

VOICES OF NEW YORK: "help us help the growing minds of today"

About Voices of New York
Voices of New York's mission is to provide mentors and youth media/arts programs that promote positive critical thinking skills and confidence through creative expression to youth in underserved communities, as well as to offer services and educational resources to parents and educators who seek to improve communication and interaction with their youth. In addition to these programs and services, the organization will produce events promoting community engagement and raising social awareness.

About VONYworks (Youth Programming Department: "help us help the growing minds of today")

Voices of New York provides unique progressive programs and services that heighten creativity and social awareness among our youth. The department's goal is to use 21st century learning models to develop a dynamic curriculum designed to create new content for youth, by youth. Using project based learning activities, participants will enhance their critical thinking skills and become more empowered to affect social change among their communities.

About "Kids Dream in Color"

"Kids Dream in Color" an intensive workshop series managed by Visual Artist, Arts advocate and Youth Mentor Lichiban. "Kids Dream in Color" is a part of VONY's Creative Expression Workshop series which is designed to expose young people to the arts and use it as a tool to develop communication skills and confidence in expressing ideas and feelings. Classes are intended to encourage positive attitude and empower their minds to think critically, while allowing their creative talents to shine.

About Dare to Dream Project
Dare to Dream Project is a dynamic annual media arts initiative for New York City youth. Starting in January and going through June, young adults will receive hands-on professional and artistic training, culminating in a special screening of their films and multimedia projects. Program participants will be asked to make a commitment to an intensive curriculum that vigorously improves their media literacy skills and engages them with their community

About VONYspeak Youth Media/Arts Conference
An annual youth media/arts conference designed to offer an opportunity for parents, artists, and educators to receive professional development through workshops and panel discussions, in addition to viewing professional and youth made film screenings, art exhibits, and a keynote speaker presentation. The conference is focused on the exploration of new learning models, time management, arts in education, and the sharing of valuable resources specifically for those engaged in the empowerment of youth. Together learning how we can improve programs and techniques that will keep our youth engaged and stimulate their creative needs.

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