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"Creative Heights" VONY WORKSHOP in collaboration with Real Estate Arts



Judgement Day


2009 VONYSPEAK! Conference PSA


2010 VONYSPEAKS! Conference PSA





 The Dare to Dream Project is a dynamic media arts initiative for New York City high school students and educators. The program is both a hands-on project-based curriculum and a professional development provider. The program is part of a leading-edge 21st century approach to learning. At the heart of the program is the integration of technology and new media into the classroom. The program runs during the school day and after-school, depending on the school, in coordination with a teacher,. Each session with the students involves media production workshops that lead to students creating their own media projects, primarily video. Together, teacher and teaching artists mentor students on how to use cameras, editing software, and the internet to learn about a specific theme and express their own views and that of their community.

Our project-based approach is to prepare students for college and work experience. Classroom sessions are designed to stimulate discussion among the students and  engage in group work.  The curriculum is most appropriate for art, history, civics, and global studies classes learning about contemporary issues. Typically, the program is a six-month intensive where students are encouraged to use media to learn about the world and become objective observers of information.


The Dare to Dream Media and Arts Festival

The Dare to Dream Media and Arts Festival is annual event to celebrate the work of young producers from NYC high schools. It take place at an extraordinary space every year. Previous events have been held at The Queens Museum of Art and The Caribbean Cultural Center in midtown Manhattan. Every year we accept submissions from youth all across New York City and we also feature artistic works by emerging adult professionals.

For more information about the festival and to stay informed about open call for 2011, email joel[@]


 The Dare to Dream Social Network

A social network for educators and youth who are advocates of youth media programs and create their own content in and outside of the classroom.For more information, visit:


Dare to Dream: Student Interviews

Dare to Dream: Photography Outside

Dreaming Out

Judgement Day


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